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Discover your power as a co-creator and begin manifesting a life of freedom, fulfillment & abundance.

Are you ready to master the art of manifestation?

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Hello and welcome beautiful soul 🤍 I'm Jennifer, the founder of Manifesment. Years ago, I was a burnt-out working mom doing all the things, completely overwhelmed from juggling family and career (self-care wasn't even a word in my vocabulary).The responsibilities as a mom, wife and breadwinner led to constant stress and feelings of resentment. No matter how much or how hard I worked, the life of freedom and fulfillment seemed so far and distant.

Intuitively, I knew there had to be a better, easier way. So I went searching for answers and well.. Seek and you shall find. My life began to transform in the most beautiful way. Things didn't happen overnight but steadily I was moving closer and closer to my dream life – with such ease and effortlessness that I had never experienced before.


The transformation I witnessed was so remarkable that I felt passionately inspired to share what felt like hidden secrets to manifesting happiness and success.


I created MME to help guide individuals who are feeling stuck, stressed and frustrated by the results in their lives. If you're tired of burning out and want to start truly thriving, you're in the right place ☽ Inside of MME, I take members on a beautiful journey that transforms them from the inside out, empowering them with the essentials they need to create the life they've always dreamed of.

What is Manifesment Mastery Experience (MME)?


An exclusive 12-week program – delivered LIVE – centered around manifestation, self-growth and spirituality for beautiful souls who want to consciously create the life they desire and deserve. It's about living by design, not by default.

It is more than just a program – it's a transformative 12-week
mind, body, soul 

Unlike traditional self-paced courses, MME is unique with its weekly live format – which fosters a strong, engaged community and creates greater accountability that leads to results and transformations.

From weekly group sessions, coaching calls, guided meditations, sound healing, to a safe and supportive community of like-minded individualsthis virtual program was curated with love and intentionality for those who are ready to embody the best version of themselves and begin manifesting a life of freedom, fulfillment and abundance in all areas.

Surprise heartfelt video from members inside of MME

What makes MME a rare and unique experience


Private community with application process to ensure fit on both sides.

An easy, highly effective 3-step method to manifest any desire.

Taught and led by Jennifer. 

Live sessions every week.

Designed to help members gain momentum & stay on track.

Creating transformations, not just sharing information.

Every aspect meticulously

organized and simplified.

Copy of MME Logos (1).png

The program unfolds in 3 distinctive phases: BELIEVE, ASK, ATTRACT

Manifest your desires through the blend and balance of strategy & spirituality.


☽ Phase 1 (BELIEVE):

~ Identify and eliminate limiting beliefs holding you back

~ Reprogram your subconscious mind for success

~ Overcome feelings of unworthiness

~ Cultivate self-love and self-confidence

~ Understand how manifesting works & learn how to work with the Universal Laws (including Law of Attraction) to create the life you've always wanted


☽ Phase 2 (ASK):

~ Get to know yourself on a deeper level

~ Discover your innate gifts, strengths and interests

~ Gain clarity on what you want

~ Create an exciting, compelling vision for your life

~ Learn how to tap into your intuition for guidance and set things in motion


☽ Phase 3 (ATTRACT):

~ Embody the highest version of yourself

~ Discover your Human Design and how it impacts the manifestation process

~ Tools and techniques to raise your vibration, including self-care practices

~ Match the frequency of your desires and learn how to maintain it

~ Overcome obstacles and mental blocks

~ Learn the art of action and attraction when manifesting

Testimonials from beautiful souls inside of MME

"Your story just resonated so much with me... corporate burnout and moms raising boys and just wanting to find that balance and peace in life."

"I've done programs with influencers in this space.. yours has been the most well thought out and organized...

most professionally run."

"..that added an aspect fun and excitement to every week. I don't know that I've heard of any other program out there that does that."

"This program was very helpful for me and very enlightening. I would love for more people to experience it."

"I just feel so free... You have an incredible way of delivering the materials... it just blew my mind away.."

"I'm always busy doing other things and helping people, being a mom, and realizing you know what, I need to take some time for myself."

Highlights of the program

Community. Trust me, I know how lonely and isolating it can feel on this self-growth and spiritual journey. Having a community, a soul tribe, who get you and understand you, makes all the difference. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people — for your mental health, happiness and trajectory.

Accountability. Working with a coach and being part of a community will motivate and inspire you to stay consistent in order to see positive, long-lasting change.

Application & Implementation. It’s one thing to read books and listen to podcasts but it’s another thing to actually apply what you learn. Knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is power. This program provides actionable steps, along with resources to help you achieve your goals.

Self-Growth & Expansion. Of course I can’t guarantee that your dreams and desires will come to fruition in 12 weeks but here’s what I can promise you’ll walk away with: tools and methods to manifest consciously and effectively, plus:


confidence and certainty

empowering beliefs

self-love and self-compassion








energy and enthusiasm

support and sense of community

Love from the community 🤍 

Is this 12-week experience right for me?

This journey & community is

meant for you if you are


tired of the hustle & grind culture and want to discover a better way to manifest your big dreams and goals


stuck, stressed and unhappy but deep down know that you're capable of so much more


frustrated by the feeling of running in place and ready to be guided and supported on your journey


craving peace, purpose, abundance, freedom, fulfillment & community


open-minded and eager to learn new knowledge & ways of thinking


interested in traditional personal development but also manifestation and spirituality 


willing to not only learn but also take action and apply the information


ready to finally pour into yourself and invest in your growth and future

This journey & community is

not the best fit for you if you are


someone who believes that life is predestined and prefers to continue doing things the same way


satisfied with your current results and feel perfectly content with every aspect of your life


resistant to different ways of thinking and concepts that are new to you that challenge your current beliefs


not willing or able to carve out time and space for yourself


someone who is unwilling to take responsibility and accountability


not curious or open to learning about the Law of Attraction, manifestation and spirituality


not interested in or place value on growing, learning and evolving 


looking for someone to do the innerwork for you

Enrollment for Manifesment Mastery Experience is currently closed.


Every transformation starts with the desire for change and the decision to try.

"I struggled a lot with self limiting beliefs and feeling stuck.. MME helped me develop a more positive abundance mindset."

"..every piece that you put together was both meaningful, when it was a small bite, but also meaningful when it was a large bite."

"I'm going to show up and I'm going to be present. I'm doing this for me. This is selfcare and self investment. That's what I'm doing."

"the Law of Attraction, things that I've learned, this program is a game changer... there's so much growth in it... it's just going to be life changing for you."

"I didn't know how to get there, and I feel like at the end of the program, I found my inner cheerleader. I was able to achieve that."

"You will be surprised – as long you put in the work, the dedication and truly want to invest in yourself this program is absolutely worth everything."

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